Policy and Procedures

Library Visits:  Every three days the students are scheduled to come to the Media Center for class.  The seventy minute session is divided, so that students spend time in both media and technology.  In addition to these scheduled visits, the students are welcome to visit the library before school and during recess time with teacher permission. 
     Book care and use is discussed in Media Class.  Students are responsible for caring for books while they are in their possession and returning books on time.  

Check Out Procedure:  Students are given the opportunity to check out books each time they come to the Media Center.  Additional books are checked out, to students, to complete class projects. Students do not have to wait until Media Class to check out books, but are welcome to come into the center any day.  Kindergarten students do not take the books, they have checked out, home until second semester. 
K and 1st    One Book
2nd            Two Books
3rd            Two Books
4th            Two Books
5th            Two Books
When students have overdue books, they will not be able to check out additional books until the late items are returned to the center.  Books should come to the Media Center, each Media/Technology day, to be renewed.  At the end of the school year, students who have overdue books will not receive their report cards until book fines are paid.

Lost and Damaged Books: Unfortunately accidents happen and books are lost or damaged.  If a book is lost or damaged the student will be asked to pay for it. Students are not able to check out until their lost or damaged book is paid for.  If a lost book is found, after it has been paid for, money will be refunded if the book is in good condition and Media Center markings are present.

Internet and Media Consent forms:  Each year students must sign and return an internet use agreement and a media consent form.  Students will be unable to use technology, in the building, if these agreements are not signed and returned.