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Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy:
Every parent, guardian or other person having control or charge of any child who is a resident of this state and whose seventh birthday falls on or before September 15 of any year and who has not yet attained his sixteenth birthday or completed the tenth grade shall be required to send such child to, and such child shall be required to attend, a public or private school each year, during the entire time that the pubic schools shall be in session in the district in which the pupil resides; provided that the board of trustees of each school district may exempt any child from the operations of this article. WY 21-4-102
*Parent/Guardian-please call the school as soon as possible, to clear your child if they are absent. 
*If a child is absent three days in a row, due to illness, a Doctors note is required.
*When a student has missed 5 days, a letter will be sent home to the parent/guardian, a copy of the letter will be saved for the students cum file and the principal will be notified.
*When a student has missed 10/15 days, a letter will be sent to the parent/guardian requesting th
set up a time to meet with the Principal. A copy will be saved for the students cum file and a copy will be sent to the County Attorney for review.     
Student Check-Out/In:    
Parents taking students out of school during the time that school is in session, are asked to sign a checkout log in the office. This is required to protect the children from unauthorized persons taking them out of school. Office personnel will call the classroom minimizing unnecessary interruptions.   
The tardy bell rings at 9 a.m. Class commences at 9:05 a.m. It is imperative that students are on time to class eliminating the teacher having to repeat the daily instructions to those student that are late. A phone call/letter will be sent to the parent/guardian if students are tardy on a regular basics. Any student arriving late for school must check in at the office. Parents are asked to send a note or call to excuse a tardy. If the tardies become excessive, a conference may be schedule with a parent and the Principal.