Caught Ya Rewards Program

‘Caught Ya’ Rewards Program Information:


At Aspen our goal is to help support Aspen students in realizing the power of making good choices every day. The ‘Caught Ya’ Rewards program is one part of our action plan for this goal.  


Students of Aspen receive ‘Caught Ya’ cards when staff members ‘catch’ students in the act of showing off their ‘TIGER PRIDE’ and/or their ‘TIGER WORK ETHIC.’ At Aspen we define Tiger Pride as demonstration of the six pillars of character: Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. The pillars of character help students realize the importance of the Three Be’s:   Being Respectful, Being Responsible and Being Safe.  This includes showing gratitude, following rules, and using manners throughout the school.   ‘Tiger Work Ethic’ is defined by as working hard and always producing best work. Learning is challenging and we want students to understand the importance of perseverance, problem solving, the ability to learn from mistakes and using strategies for staying on task to complete work.  


Everyday each staff member at Aspen is looking to ‘catch students in the act.’ Once a student is spotted by the staff member, the staff member tells the student what they liked about their behavior, thanks them and gives them a ‘Caught Ya’ Card to reward their positive choice. A ‘Caught Ya’ card is a duplicate form with a white and yellow copy. Students take their yellow duplicate copy to the office to put inside the ‘Caught Ya’ jar. Students get to take the white copy home to celebrate their positive behavior choice with their family!


Each week our Behavior Coach will tally and track the number of ‘Caught Ya’ cards received by each student. As a student reaches a designated number of cards ( 10, 20, 30, 40 etc) the Behavior Coach will meet with the student to have them choose an incentive.  We look forward to our Aspen students getting hundreds and hundreds of ‘Caught Ya’s’ this year!   We hope that you will partner with us by reinforcing the characteristics of ‘Tiger Pride’ and ‘Tiger Work Ethic’ at home too.